H10*1440 Washington St. on the Square, Clarkesville706-754-2449soqueartworks.com

A gallery presenting unique, handmade art & craft works produced by over 80 artists in the hills & mountains of Georgia & the Carolinas.

Since 2008, Soque Artworks has provided one of the most diverse selections of regional artwork that can be found in the Northeast Georgia area. Despite its small size, it is the diversity of its offerings that truly makes this gallery stand out from the others.

Naturally, a nice selection of paintings, pottery, photography, glasswork, wood bowls, fiber art, and other familiar art forms help to grace the interior space, but the gallery also includes unique treasures one would not normally associate with a “gallery” – items such as puzzles, whimsically decorated gourds, wreaths, spinning tops, walking sticks, jewelry organizers, candles and other encaustics (wax) art. There is something for everyone, male or female, young or old.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that art galleries cater solely to the affluent and a small, exclusive clientele within society. The owners of Soque Artworks, Walton, Susan and Rush Smith, are hard trying to change that stigma and to make art more accessible. Prices range from $2 up to $1000, so whatever your budget, the gallery has you covered.

All work is handmade by local and regional artisans who stand behind the high quality of their work while offering fair and reasonable prices. Whether looking to purchase art for yourself or for others, Soque Artworks is a great alternative to the big box store for consumers looking for that special, one-of-a-kind gift. Furthermore, with the virtually endless list of holidays and momentous events celebrated throughout the year, there is always an occasion for giving gifts – jewelry for Valentine’s Day, gourd flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, ornaments for Christmas, wood pens for graduations, wine bottle openers for housewarmings…you name it!

Visit Soque Artworks on the Square in downtown Clarkesville and see for yourself what makes us unique!

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